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Need P/T help with your newborn?

I have been telling my friend for years that she needs to turn her love of newborns into a job and finally she's ready. I cannot recommend her enough. The woman is a baby whisperer!
She wrote the below so feel free to contact her directly if you or someone you know, is interested.

Hi, my name is Raquel, I?m a stay at home mom of two boys, ages 9 and 7. My ?baby? is in First Grade this year, which gives me a few hours by myself. If you ask anybody who knows me, they will all tell you that I LOVE newborns!!! I just think they?re perfect little creatures, who need a lot of love and attention, a lot of patience too :) So I thought to myself, how awesome would it be if I could watch some newborns while my ?babies? are at school. Mind you, I?m not a daycare operator, not looking for anything full-time, I would just like to help out a few new moms, or moms who just need a break. If you need some time to get your hair/nails done, or go to the doctor, or the mall to get in some therapeutic shopping, or if you?d like some one to watch your little one while you take a well deserved long shower followed by a nice nap! Maybe you have a colic baby and just need a break to regain some sanity. Or maybe you?re going back to work after just a few weeks and would rather have somebody watch your newborn for a couple of months before putting him/her in real daycare. Whatever your situation might be, if you need help with an infant, I?m the person to help you. I live in South Riding (Chantilly), VA, I am willing to travel up to ten miles to come to your house, or you can drop off the baby with me at my house. For the occasional hours, the best times would be between 10am-1pm, but I can stretch it to 9am-2pm if needed (especially if you drop off at my house). Please inquiry about availability during other times. If you?d like more information, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at queuli at Thank you, Raquel
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