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Hypnobirthing course vs Hypnobabies homestudy?

I've tried searching the threads and there are a lot posts that are a bit similar, but not an exact comparison between the two.  I'd been hoping to take the Hypnobabies course because the reviews seem better, but it's not available near me. However, the Hypnobirthing course is.

 So do I go with the Hypnobirthing classes or the Hypnobabies home study?  Any thoughts? It seems like some people do have success with the home study, but most people say that taking the actual class is a lot more thorough. 


I'd appreciate any opinions! 

Re: Hypnobirthing course vs Hypnobabies homestudy?

  • I've found my best info on hypnobirthing and hypnobabies from this forum at Baby Center. Here is a discussion of your question by ladies who have experience with both. I highly recommend you take some time to check out that forum. Really great info from experienced hypnobirthers/instructors. Sorry I can't make it clicky on my mac. 

    I'm in the maintenance phase of hypnobabies and I really like it. I don't have experience with other hypnobirthing, but I have read a number of birth stories from mamas who did hypnobirthing with their first and and hypnobabies with their second and really felt that the hypno-anesthesia techniques from hypnobabies made all the difference. Hypnosis definitely will help keep you relaxed for birthing, but hypnobabies combines hypnosis (guided imagery/relaxation) with actual hypno-anesthesia.

    Hope that helps! 

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  • Kinda a lurker on here.

    We've found our doula, which is awesome. And she has recommended that I do the home study under her guidance, and I think that will be the best fit for me. 

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  • This is definitely a good question.  I'm about to start Hypnobabies classes with a private instructor this weekend.  I compared Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies as you did and arrived at the same conclusion - that Hypnobabies was the route I wanted to take.  At the same time, I have both Hypnobabies/birthing classes available locally, so that's nice.  I'm not 100% sure what I would do in your situation, but I would probably lean towards just doing the Hypnobabies home study.  GL!
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  • I can't tell you which is better because I've only had experience with one. I did the Hypnobabies home study course and loved it, I had a wonderful birth experience.
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  • I took the Hypnobabies class in person and loved it.  This time we will work with our doula/instructor to do a "home study version". I don't need to take the classes again, but I am absolutely a believer in Hypnobabies. 
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions! I think we're going with the hypnobabies babies home study. I did read the Hypnobirthing book, and I really liked it but I do want more of a home study course and Hypnobabies seems to have a bit more to it. I'm excited and hoping for the best!
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