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My husband and I are due in May of 2013. We live in warren county and my OBGYN is dr. pederson in flemington. I am wondering what OBGYNS/ Hospitals you all recommend because Dr. P is good, but not great in my opinion... I live in warren county, but will travel to a really reputable doctor as this is my first and I want the best possible expirence I can have! Any reccomendations will be appreciated  




  • Since you live in Warren County, does it have to be a doctor in NJ?  You are very close to St Lukes.  

    We live in PA but my OB/GYN is in Branchburg.  I will be delivering in Somerset Medical Center, depending on where you work, you might want to think about a hospital / doctor closer to your house so when you are on maternity leave you are closer to the doctor / hospital in the event something happens.

    I was diagnosed with GD and now that I am no maternity leave, I have to drive to Somerset 2 times a week which is a PITA since I am in Northampton County PA.

    Just something to think about. 

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  • Hi Goldmane7.  My ob/gyn is in Branchburg, but I live in Warren County.  My ob/gyn doesn't deliver anymore, so I need to find a new doctor before we TTC.  My ob/gyn recommended both St. Luke's or Lehigh Valley.  For anything serious, we usually trek to Hunterdon or further east. My ob/gyn's husband works in a NICU and she mentioned that when selecting a hospital we should consider where the baby would best be cared for, if for example, the baby required specialized treatment, there would be a possibility that the baby would be transferred to either St. Luke's or Lehigh and that since they're near our house, we may just start our relationship there.  hth!  
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  • I use All Women's Healthcare in Flemington. They go thru Hunterdon Medical Center, and so far I have no complaints! I picked them when I moved here at first because they are very VBAC and natural friendly, but they also have no problem with meds! There are 4 Dr's and 4 MW (all women)... HTH
  • Hi!  I think Dr. David in West Orange is wonderful.  She's patient and great.  She works out of St. Barnabas Hospital.
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