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Tore first time ... what to expect the 2nd time

Hi ladies.

I'm new to this board, but hoping you can give me some words of wisdom.  I had my oldest daughter in 2009, and only Stadol at the very end (which I will not plan to do again).  Long story, but no one thought I was anywhere near delivery, which is why I finally opted for that.  By the time they had injected it, I was already pushing and my daughter was born minutes later.

 I tore badly, and the healing process was a long and painful one, complete with several rounds of silver nitrate to burn off excess tissue (OUCH!).  The area is still pretty tender 2 1/2 years later.

I am due to deliver my second in about 8 weeks, and starting to get a little nervous about tearing again.  I am planning to have a natural birth (no stadol this time), and my hospital always lets you tear rather than cutting.  Any words of wisdom (hopefully positive ones!)? Is there anything I can/should do to avoid the horrible pain from last time?

Re: Tore first time ... what to expect the 2nd time

  • Do you have the option for a waterbirth?  My BF tore with her first two pretty badly.  With #3 and #4 she delivered in the water and didn't tear at all.  The water softens the tissue.
  • I don't think so.  I will ask at my next appt though.  If there is a room or two with a birthing tub, it will be first come first served though, so definitely not a guarantee.
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  • Usually ( I say this loosely because crap always happens) if you tore it isn't as bad the second time. Now I say that but like I said crap happens and things go crazy. If you can keep from it don't try and get the baby out in one big push when he/she is crowning little slow pushes seem to do better.
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  • Some suggestions to help your body open up more-do not deliver on your back, it closes down the pelvis and puts more pressure on the perineum, use some sort of oil on your perineum to help soften the area and lubricate (mw's often rub oil on during pushing, maybe your doctor would be willing?), hot compresses help also, and push slower if possible-push when your body is telling you to, and stop when your body is telling you to.

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  • I feel your pain.  I ended up having an episiotomy with my first and quite a bit of internal tearing.  It took five silver nitrate treatments and five months of physical therapy (yes physical therapy on my vagina) to completely recover (induced, partially medicated birth).  Turns out the issue wasn't that I was cut/tore, it's that I had a bad reaction to the sutures they used.  My body tried to reject them which is why I had extra tissue and all the issues.  After all was said and done I asked my OB what the chances were of me tearing the next time (since I already have a scar there although I've been told my scar has healed beautifully) and she said it's 50/50.  I would discuss with your OB why they think you had the extra tissue and see if another type of suture could be used if you need sutures at all.

    I've switched to home birth MW this time and she recommends perineal massage in the last 4-6 weeks leading up to delivery to help stretch/soften the tissue.  I'm also planning a water birth.

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