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middle name that goes with christian?

if we have a boy, his name will be christian, but what middle names go with that?!

Re: middle name that goes with christian?

  • Christian Matthew

    Christian Michael

    Christian Miles

    Christian Philip

    Christian Oscar

    Christian Oliver

    Christian August

    Christian Edward



  • David






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  • i like christian!

    middle name suggestions: james, anthony, dean, michael, paul, thomas, edward, scott, rhys, jude, oliver, matthew

  • I like the Michael suggestion, I think they sound really good together. David? James? It depends a lot on your last name too... 

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  • I also love the name Christian! I really like the suggestions James and Michael a lot.


  • thanks ladies!i really like Christian Michael also! now to get daddy to agree... :
  • David or Daniel would sound good.
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  • My nephew's name is Christian Logan
  • Grey?



    Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm. 
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  • Oliver, Vaughn, Phillip, Sawyer, And Nathaniel.
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  • Boyfriend and I are thinking hard on Christian Anthony, sounds great and the godfather's middle name is Anthony. But we are going specifically on gender surprise.
  • My SO is actually Christian James. ...I really like the way it sounds together.
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