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Lunch box question

Should I keep the cute metal princess lunch box I found or find another of the soft sided insulated kind? If I keep the metal, how do you recommend I keep items cold so they don't become unsafe? If I get another soft side, how do you recommend I clean it when the thermos of milk leaks all over and it can't be submerged in water?
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Re: Lunch box question

  • I would get an insulated one.
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  • image AquaFlowers:
    I would get an insulated one.

  • I've never heard that you can't submerge insulated lunchboxes, we've been washing them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle for years....I just don't recommend drying them!
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  • Let one from Lands End or LLBean who will take it back if it falls apart. The metal ones are decorative only.
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  • We have the insulated kind: a Land's End one (DS) and an LLBean one (DD) and I wash them in hot soapy water when they get funky.  The metal lunchboxes are clunky and won't fit in a backpack.  
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