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    I dont know about the eating/hives part, but DD got really bad hives at about 14 months old, she had to have a steroid shot and we never figured out why she got them. But they would get worse when something warm was on her, like if i washed he off with a wet cloth, they would break out again. Could the warmth from your skin be irratating the hives? It took about two weeks for them to completely go away. If they arent bothering baby, i would just give it time to leave the system.... Or call your pedi again.
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    I just wanted tO let you know I've been there. My DD2 had giant hives covering her body at 4.5 months old. Turns out it was a precursor to coxsackie which showed up 10 days later. I wouldn't be surprised if your baby winds up sick next week rashes Often come along with viruses.

    Also, it's extremely extremely extremely rare that anything in your milk would be causing them.
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