Pumping work question

This might be dumb but I can't find anything about this. This is my first week back to work. I know I need to pump to replace DS's 3 feedings 3 oz bottles during work. I had a huge oversupply at the beginning of BF and don't want to do it again. I currently can pump 2 to 4 oz total in maybe 5 minutes. Everything I've read online says to pump at least 15 min and to stop when the milk stops flowing. Now I just keep an eye on the oz marks on the bottles and when I'm at 3 or 4 total, I'll stop even if the milk is still coming. Is this right I should only pump what he's eating? I don't want to pump until it stops I have no idea how much that would be but I don't want my body to think I need 6 oz/feeding.
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