When did your AF return after weaning?

DD has been fully weaned for nearly a month, prior to that we were down to one session per days for about two months.  I still have no AF and it is driving me nuts.  I've been super crampy on and off for weeks and would like to stop worrying about it.  I've taken a few HPTs to make sure I'm not PG (on the mini pill) and all were negative...I know it can vary, but when did your AF return?  Did you have awful PMS like symptoms for weeks beforehand??  TIA :)
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Re: When did your AF return after weaning?

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    with DS#1 I was very crampy for a 2-3 months as i dropped the extra pumping. and then I had light break through bleeding for a as we slowly weaned over 4 months. And got a full period about a month after completely weaning.
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