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  • We took Bradley classes with Baby2 and it was a nice date night for DH and I.  It was a great way to honor the birth of our second child and spend time getting ready for our second child.  Our teacher also appreciated having an "experienced" couple to back up the info in class - some of it is hard to visualize as a first time parent, and the other couples took heart in our confirmation that we experienced what was being taught.

    I am now a Bradley teacher and I teach a series for our return students that reviews the info from the series and instead of teaching breastfeeding, we focus a little time of every class on sibling preparation.  I am guessing that if you contact your previous instructor, they would be happy to see you again, or maybe design a class just for you and other alumni students who are expecting. 

     Best wishes to you! 

  • I also took a bradley class with my second and agree with the previous post about it giving us a date night and some time to focus on the new baby. Materialk-wise, I would say I only learned about 15% new information.  However, I liked that the classes forced us to mentally prepare ourselves for the upcoming labor and birth.  Life is so busy with a 2 year old that I rarely stopped to think about this pregnancy.  I think it gave me the mental confidence I need.
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