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My baby is trying to kill me

Night time has gotten to be almost as dreadful as it was when he was a newborn. I really think he is trying to kill me with sleep deprivation. He is such an easy and happy baby in the day, but it all changes at night.

Ever since I went to work, his nights have gotten so bad. We put him to bed at 8 last night and he was up every 20 minutes or so until after 10 when I finally fed him again and nursed him to sleep.

Then, he was up about every 2 hours. I fed him each time just because it is the easiest and fastest way to get him to sleep. He doesn't stir once he is done.

This morning he decided he was going to wake up at 5:30 and be up for the day. I was already up for work, but let's just say I have my hair in a wet pony tail.

I don't know what to do. Dh and I are completely dumbfounded. We've scoured the interwebs and we seem to have tried every single solution out there except for CIO. We want to avoid CIO if we can, but this 15lb baby is kicking our butts and we need help.

He is still swaddled. He has to be swaddled otherwise he claws at his face and screams. We have a steady, consistent bedtime routine. We have even tried adjusting his bed time and nothing changes. We've tried rocking to sleep, not rocking to sleep, nursing to sleep, not nursing to sleep, swaddling, not swaddling, white noise, no white noise.

At one point he was sleeping solidly from 8-6. I didn't even mind the 3am feeding he had, but this is an entirely different problem.

Wwyd in this situation? 

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Re: My baby is trying to kill me

  • I wouldn't nurse or rock to sleep if at all possible. I would try not to feed him so often either. But I haven't gone back to work yet. Could he be reverse cycling? Otherwise, he needs to learn how to go back to sleep after a sleep cycle. I'm not saying CIO necessarily. Have you checked out the website Troublesome Tots?


  • Is he eating enough during the day while you are gone? If not, it could be reverse cycling.
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  • It isn't reverse cycling. He is eating plenty of bm during the day. Yesterday he drank 15 oz from when he woke up at 7 until when I got home at 3. 

    I know I am probably making it worse by feeding him every time he wakes up, but that is the easiest and quickest way to get him back to sleep. Dh can't help out at night because of his neck/shoulder/back pain. He just had some epidural injections in his neck to help the problem, but it didn't help. 

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  • When he wakes up is he waking up crying? Because Lou wakes up at three AM every day and kicks and spins around but then falls back asleep. I wont do CIO, but i do let him fuss a little and sometime he goes back to sleep on his own.  The other day when i went to him and he was crying he let out a huge burp, so i guess he had an air bubble that was really uncomfortable. I also struggle with the decision on when to feed him or not. I FF though so its a little different. But it sounds like you are doing the right thing, since you feed him and he goes right back to sleep. Hopefully its just a phase and its over soon for you.

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  • He does cry. I let him fuss, which will turn into crying, and then if I don't get there in time the crying progresses into frantic screaming fits.

    He barely eats too. It is more of comforting nursing that he does.  

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  • Hmmm that is tough. Maybe just try a paci, if its just comfort nursing?
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  • I wish. The second it comes out he is at it again. I almost want to try the wubbanub but I doubt it's safety at night.
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  • Could he be teething?  Mike went through a teething bout last week, and teething tablets helped calm him down.  The last two nights he went back to normal.
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  • After a few nights of what you're describing we did Ferber :( Sorry, that's not what you want to hear.

    We first started with me not feeding him between 7 p.m. (bedtime) and midnight. DH went in to check and console during those hours. Then, we bumped it up to not feeding him before 3 a.m. and doing Ferber checks from bedtime to 3 a.m. 

    He's finally learned to put himself back to sleep :)

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  • D's sleep was the worst it ever was right before she became a magic sleeping baby. I hope you can get some time to nap over the holiday weekend.

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