Every night my almost 4 week old screams and screams from about 8 to 11pm. The only thing that seems to console him is nursing. He'll eat for awhile, fall asleep, pull away, and then wake up crying and want more. This
Can go on 6 to 8 times for 3 hours. Is it ok to feed him this much if it's the only thing that keeps him from crying?

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    Yes. Feed baby as often and as long as he wants. Cluster feeding is normal and it helps build your supply. The site is a great bf'ing resource and has great info on newborn nursing behavior and what to expect the first several weeks.

    If LO seems to be in pain, you should mention it to the pedi. It could be a sign of reflux. They nurse to soothe their throat, but feeding causes more reflux, and it turns into a vicious cycle.
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