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Hello there!

I'm back from yet another epic road trip.  Dh, C, and I drove down to Las Vegas for our annual fantasy football draft.  It was over 2,500 miles and C did AWESOME!  I was so proud of him.  Of course, the bill comes now when we have to get him back into his routine.  Oh well, we had a great time.  We drove through Oregon, Idaho, down to Las Vegas and spent a couple of nights there at the Flamingo.  I forgot how much I hate staying in Vegas hotel rooms.  There's only so much "Oh Sh!t, we have to go get Gary!" and other things yelled ALL night long.  C lost it during our draft since it was during his nap time, so DH had to draft for me.  We have a league of 12 owners that meet at the Hard Rock, it's a blast.  C really dug looking at the life size Kiss band. 

We then drove up to Reno and stayed a couple of nights there as well.  Reno was nice, much smaller than I expected it to be.  We drove to Lake Tahoe, and we got a chance to take a picture of Carson in front of the Carson City sign (yes, I'm a nerd).  We then drove up through Nevada, by some interesting brothels (The Shady Lady!), back through Oregon and thankfully back home.  All the brothels that we saw were in moble homes.  I thought for sure that they'd be fancy, like the Playboy Mansion.  Unfortunately we did not see the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, it was 6 miles outside of Carson City, but DH didn't really have any interest in driving by. 

We were all so happy to be home last night.  I tried to get on to the bump with DH's iPhone during our trip, but I just couldn't deal with the new format.  I hope that everyone is doing awesome, and it's good to be back on The Bump!!!

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Re: Hello there!

  • hello friend, glad you had a good trip.
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  • Wow, sounds like a blast! Have you ever eaten at the restaurant called Olives at the Bellagio? That is my favorite restaurant there, but then again I do love me some olives! I'm sure I haven't been to but 2% of the restaurants in Vegas, though. :oP

    Before you mentioned Carson City, I was thinking about asking if you went there! I would have totally done the same thing.

    Glad C enjoyed his first, surely not last, trip to Vegas! Got any new pics to share from the trip??


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  • Hi!! What a trip! Welcome back.
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  • There you are! I was wondering what happened to you, glad your trip went well and Carson was good through all those miles.  So, what is the prize if you win the fantasy football picks?  
  • Glad you had such a wonderful trip an that you are back safely!
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  • Thanks guys!!  Kujay, that Olives resteraunt sounds so awesome, but for some reason there is something about Las Vegas that turns DH into a major cheapskate.  He wants to see how cheap we can go.  Our splurge was the In N Out burger :-/  Shediva, the pot is around $1,000 if you win the Superbowl in our league.  Last year I lost it by 3 points.  It really helped that I was pg and unable to drink while the others were wasted during the draft :-)  Here are some pics

    You can't really see this, but in Idaho there was this little town with a road called 'Chicken Dinner Road'.  I'd totally want to live on it if I lived there


    We had just driven in about 7 hours and DH just HAD to stop here for dinner.  We don't have these in Washington.

    Yep, it's sidewise, but I'm too tired to go and fix it.  C in front of Axle Rose's outfit at the Hard Rock.  I sing GNR songs to him and he loves it

    Pretty damn cool if you ask me.  This was on the side of a freeway, and right before I bonked his head on the car trying to get him back in his seat.  Yep, I'm pretty damn fabulous.

    You might think to call A&E and sign us up for Hoarders when you look at this-however we had to shove all of our crap in the car like this because we might have been taking several bottles of cheap California booze home with us :-)  Our price is literally DOUBLE theirs.

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  • Sounds like an awesome trip! You guys are just like The League with your Vegas draft parties.
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  • Welcome back! You were missed! It sounds like you had a fantastic trip. I can't see your pics but it may be because I'm on the elsucko mobile site.

    We took L on a trip to Vegas over Easter to visit my sister. Who knew Vegas with a baby was so fun?! Also, kujayI know olives. It's delicious!
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  • I can't see your pictures! 

    But I'm glad you're back. I missed you.  

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