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Anyone with Experiences with Banner Thunderbird Hospital?

I'm 21 weeks pregnant, and the hospital my OB/GYN is registered at is Banner Thunderbird Hospital. I've been looking for someone who has had an experience there or atleast toured the hospital. I'm wondering what accommodations for active labor patients are. I'm interested in a natural birth using hydrotherapy. Does anyone know? and If you have any positive or negative experiences would you mind sharing with me?

Re: Anyone with Experiences with Banner Thunderbird Hospital?

  • I've heard Banner Thunderbird is one of the better ones when it comes to advocating for minimal interventions and natural birth.  I know several women who had positive experiences there.  I had a natural delivery at St. Joe's in Central Phoenix and saw the CNMs there.  The midwives at Bethany Birth Center have hospital privileged at Phoenix Baptist.  You also may want to look into birth centers such as Blossom or Babymoon Inn.

    Less important than the OB would be the nurses who happen to be on the clock when you go into labor.... unless you're at home or at a birth center, you'll see very little of your doctor/midwife and will mostly interact with the nursing staff.  Ask your doc if he/she can recommend particular nurses there who are more amenable to natural childbirth that you might be able to request.

    Talk to your doctor about your birth plan and what items might be non-negotiable for them due to the hospital's "standard of care" or other protocol, and which of your demands they'll be able to accommodate.

    Also, consider hiring a doula.  If expenses are an issue, you can find recently-certified or in-training doulas at a fraction of the cost of someone with more births under their belt, but even a close friend or family member (besides your partner) is a good idea to have at home and at the hospital for additional support.

    Stay at home for as long as possible, and show up in the hospital right before transition, and you'll be golden.  :-) 

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  • I just had my little girl there and they are amazing atleast my nurses were. Everyones experience is completely different of course but my nurses were amazing. Im not sure about a hydro birth. I didnt do one but i got amazing care. Which dr do you see? I see galasso and that whole practice is amazing but of course i think hes the best. If you have any quewtions you can private mesage me. The only thing i would say is their birthing class was the bighest waste of my money. Didnt learn much at all. Just an expensive tour of the unit. You can bring in your ipod etc. They have multiple birthing balls... their food is realy good and you can order when you want from this huge menu. The pp rooms i think are small but the birth room is huge
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  • I'm so happy to see this! I see Apigo (same practice as Galasso). I have to say the experience with this office has been fabulous. I'm only 11 weeks along, so I have a ways to go, but this helps ease my mind about Banner TBird.


  • Dr Apigo delivered my daughter, June of 2011. I was actually flying home to NJ every year for my regular GYN checkups but once pregnant I of course had to find someone out here. I believe she totally saved my life and the life of my baby. i was advanced maternal age and she was sooo proactive in taking good care of us and putting us on bedrest, and admitting the night before a c/section for low fluid. I delivered at Banner Tbird.  They had 65 deliveries over the first 3 days of June.  I was all the way in an antepartum room and the nurses did not forget about me, tended to my c/section, and answered all my questions.  One word of advice...The food sucked big time.  Have hubby bring you in some good food :) Otherwise, I had a wonderful experience with both doctor and hospital! Say hi to Dr Apigo from Jenn Messing and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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  • My doctor was Dr. Kwark, same office as Galasso and I delivered at Tbird. It's the only only hospital around here with a NICU which was important to me just in case something went wrong. I didn't want LO getting flown to a different hospital and separated from me. The hospital was great and the whole experience was very nice. They do not have baths though so I'm not sure about hydrotherapy. They do have showers though that you can use. You can sit in the bath at home until you have to get to the hospital. They are supportive of natural birth, skin-to-skin contact, immediate breastfeeding, etc. and those things mattered to me. They also provide birthing balls and peanuts. Best of luck in your decision!
  • I've never head a bad thing about Banner Thunderbird :) I just did the hospital tour last week and was extremely impressed! I will be delivering there hopefully within the next few days/weeks
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