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Postpartum Depression

completely anxious all the time (about germs a lot)

i am very anxious by nature, but having a toddler is making it a lot worse lately.  i have always been a worrier.  i am also not a lover of germs etc.. (i never was that bad, but ever since having baby, it has gotten so much worse) So we are trying for number 2 and i cant go on meds now.. ah. i am so worried about germs and taking him places this fall/winter, but i also want him to be around other kids and be a boy... how do you handle this if you have this issue? I worry about huim getting colds and anything really.  I also am stressed about getting him his 1 year old vaccinations that he is delayed on by a few months b/c of my worries... tia!

Re: completely anxious all the time (about germs a lot)

  • I don't have this particular problem but I have severe anxiety about my children going places without me or me going places without my children. I know your concern about medicine and I did take medicine while pregnant, a very low dose. Have you considered talking to someone? I think I am going to be a big advocate for that on this board. I start my first session next week and I am excited to learn some ways to cope with all my irrational fears. I am so ready to feel a sense of control in my life.
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  • Thanks. I should look to talk to someone.  The anxiety is all around (including your fears too) I am with my lo all the time and do not want anyone else taking him anywhere.  But he is young, but I am sure I will always feel that way. Ugh awful feeling being a worrier!  GL to you!!
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