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Auntie - Eval Question

Hi, how are you?

My 3.4 year old daughter has been borderline in most tests, although her latest Vineland had an adaptive score of 64 (although little miss defiant/strong willed...)...

When we last went to the DD Case Mgmt determination, they left much of the decision up to us as she was so borderline, but wanted to follow up with us in 6 here we are...with a score that will nearly assure her of getting into case management (if we so choose) on the fence on this...
...I just wish that it guaranteed that she'd continue to receive medicaid (to cover all of her therapy costs)...

Her psychologist mentioned that we may also want to consider doing a WPPSI...and I was wondering your thoughts on the assessment. 

Thank you, as always your thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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