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starting to feel better!

I am finally starting to feel like a normal person! YAY! I dont know if this is 2nd trimester bliss and if it will last but I am begging that it does. I have not had an easy first trimester at all... i had everything from a grapefruit sized cyst to spotting to severe morning sickness and losing 12 pounds to last weekend being hospitalized for severe dizzyness that ended up being low blood sugar due to not holding any food down for such a long time and dehydration. Well it seems that all of that is behind me.. Saturday is when my stomach started to feel better... it was like the flick of a switch because i went from severely sick one day to starving the next! Then sunday was when I was hospitalized for almost blacking out and then after being hydrated and getting some food into my system and leveling out my blood sugar i have been feeling great. I have been eating every day and havent gotten sick. I have actually had energy and been able to do things! My husband looks a million times better and doesnt look like hes about to have a heart attack from worry and I am just so happy to finally be feeling almost normal! I am still having the "normal" issues.. extreme back pain, trouble sleeping because I cant get comfortable, and the occasional headaches but I can live with all of those. I know this is a long post and probably doesnt warrent any response but I just wanted to share! I have had a very hard time both getting pregnant and in the first trimester so I am just very very excited that things seem to be leveling out :) YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! :D

Re: starting to feel better!

  • I did not have a horrible first trimester but I remember when I finally got my second trimester energy burst. I suddenly felt like I was myself again. It was amazing. I hope your second trimester goes as awesome as mine has!
  • Congrats on moving to the second trimester board!!! I, like the previous post, did not have a horrible first trimester either. The "worst" symptoms I had was food aversions and worrying about making to the second trimester. I started getting headaches between 13-16/17 weeks but this week I sometimes forget I'm pregnant...until my baby boy moves or kicks! That's how good I feel! I'm still having issues sleeping through the whole night but I guess that's to be expected for at least the next year. I get up to go pee about twice a night but all is well! Glad to hear you're doing well!

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