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? for all you PTs

Marley was lying on her back on the floor and I was holding her right foot. I was pushing her foot up so her knee bent and her foot flexed upwards. As I did this I noticed that her foot/lower leg started to quiver. I released my grasp and when I tried to elicit that same response, I couldn't. I repeated the gesture with her left leg but I did not get the same, strange response.

What was this? Not a seizure (neuro) I'm sure, but something going on with her muscles in her leg? She was calm the entire time.

I'm going to ask my PT on Monday when she comes for her weekly visit but I thought I'd ask you guys first.



Re: ? for all you PTs

  • It sounds like clonus, but it's hard not seeing it.  Clonus is when a muscle bounces repeatedly after a stretch.  It's usually after a quick stretch, and the calf muscle is a common place for it.  It could indicate increased muscle tone or an overexcited muscle.  The PT should be able to get the same reaction if that's what it was.  It's not a seizure...
  • My DDs' feet do it all the time.  It is a clonus(sp?).  Just something that happens to their little muscles-  nothing wrong with her leg doing it.

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  • It sounds like clonus to me.  The ladies above explained it well.  If that is what it truly was (your PT should be able to duplicate it) then it's completely harmless.  Basically just the muscle overreacting to a quick stretch.
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