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***TTCAL Check-In***

 Hello Ladies, Welcome to Thursday TTCAL Check-in! I would like to thank europlane for posting the check-in while I was away. I hope I can find you all well and positive this week! Please don't be shy in asking the PGAL/PAL ladies questions if you have them. Lots of baby dust on all of you!Where are you in your TTCAL journey?Do you have any relevant appointments upcoming?QOTW: Is there anything you are doing to stay healthy while TTC?Open Topic. What is on your mind this week?GTKY: What would be your perfect date night?

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Re: ***TTCAL Check-In***

  • Hi!!  I haven't posted in a while and just wanted to check in with everyone. 

    Where are you in your TTCAL journey?

    We lost our Ava in November and started trying again the very next month, in December.  We're 8 months out.  Each month that passes gets a little harder than the last.  We started seeing an RE (had an early miscarriage in July 2010, then full term stillbirth in November 2011) just to make sure there aren't any blockages or problems for future pregnancies.  So far, HSG and bloodwork is all normal so we're still playing the waiting game. 

    Do you have any relevant appointments upcoming? Since my OB told the RE not to let me take any fertility treatments, we won't go back until we hit the one year mark.  I was hoping he wouldn't suggest treatments, we're already considered high risk, multiples wouldn't help the situation! QOTW: Is there anything you are doing to stay healthy while TTC? Working out put my cycles all out of whack so after I got down to prepregnancy weight, I stopped going.  We eat healthier now than we ever have. Open Topic. What is on your mind this week? Good friend/co-worker found out she was pregnant this month.  She already has two boys and is desperate for a girl.  She is going to freak if this one is a boy, which bothers me since all we want is to bring A baby home!  We've been trying to start our family for 3 years and it took her around 3 or 4 months to get pregnant this time (her boys were both "accidents"), so she says to me before she found out "Now I know how you feel." when her period started last time.  Really, you do?  I highly doubt that!  She even tried all of these silly tricks, like making her DH sit with a heating pad on his "boys" until he couldn't stand it, then have sex.  She read online that the heat kills all the boy sperm first.  That's just crazy!  I secretly hope she has a boy again because I'm selfish and don't think I can handle seeing her little girl grow up when we can't have ours. GTKY: What would be your perfect date night? I don't know how to answer this one.  I've become more of a homebody than ever since our loss.  I know hubby would LOVE to watch movies all day, maybe we'll do that Monday when we have the day off!
    Our sweet girl, born sleeping November 21, 2011 at 40w1d
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