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UGH! WIll this ever get any easier. . . ??

The past week or so has gotten me thinking about a lot of things.  I think it may just be that I would be having a baby if my first IVF cycle would have worked. 

My husband has been talking a lot about when we have kids.  For example, when we have kids we're going to do this or when we have a little boy we're going to go train watching.  It's amazing to see him light up when we talk about kids.  Before our IVF cycles, he never really talked about kids.  

It just breaks my heart to see him get so excited, but what if we don't have kids?  I love to see him light up at the prospect of our future. Maybe I'm just over-analyzing and/or being over sensitive.  I just feel like a failure because I cannot give him the one thing he really wants.   I want to have children with him more than anything in the world, but there is always that nagging feeling that we won't have kids. 

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Re: UGH! WIll this ever get any easier. . . ??

  • (((huge hugs)))

    I feel this way all the time. My DH is more of a quiet guy, but I can see how much it breaks his heart to see others around us have more and more kids. Unfortunately, most of the recent births in our lives were to teens, people struggling with addiction and "oops" babies, which makes it even harder. 

    It's hard to think that IF is not only negatively affecting my life, but his too.

    IF sucks.

    (((hugs again))) 


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  • I am so sorry Daisy. For some reason, IF chooses those that most want kids and we all see those teens and oops kids, mostly unplanned and mostly something that they cannot afford or deal with.

    Sadly I have a DH that would rather not talk about our loss, something that drives me crazy as I need to deal with this, and talking about it would be far more therapeutic for me.

    Hang in there, I am sure your next IVF will bring you what you and your DH most want in this world. We are all here for you in the mean time.

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  • mm29mm29
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    I would not wish IF on my worst enemy!  It sucks.  (((Huge hugs!!!)))
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  • I agree, it kills me more to see my DH get upset, people have been telling him for years how he would be such a good dad...he even coaches youth sports because he loves kids so much....and I can't give him the one thing he wants more than anything.  I feel completely inadequate and as we approach the last possible 2 remaining cycles, I get upset thinking it's a pretty real possibility that it may never happen.
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    + HPT!! Beta1: 2315 Beta2: 6442 Beta3: 31,061
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    Was he was right? I wasted 4 IVF's and the doctors were not getting the catheter in?!?
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  • huge huge (((hugs)))

    IF sucks :(

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