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Open Letter Wednesday

What's on your mind today ladies?

Thoughts, confessions, thanks?

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Re: Open Letter Wednesday

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    Dear Supervisor/Manager/Director:

    THANK YOU for approving my change to 90%! Those 4 hours won't make that huge of a change at work (though the paycut will) but the extra 4 hours at home each week will be HUGE! Extra time with the boys, grocery shopping during non peak hours, having a little time at the house BY MYSELF, going to school parties w/o feeling guilty for taking time off work. Amazing!


    Grateful but I still need that raise I've earned


    Dear direct coworker:

    Please don't be mad when I tell you about this tomorrow. Please.




    Dear DH:

    Thank you for not giving me grief over the 10% paycut. Now, don't do what you did while I was on leave and assume bc I am home you can stop doing household chores. 4 hours doesn't = magic wand!


    If this works you may get laid more often!

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    Dear family and friends,

    What is it about the concept work from home do you not understand? When I am home I still WORK and I am not off.



    Lillian April 17, 2012
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    Dear DH,

    I get that you're not feeling well, but less whining about it would be appreciated.  I feel like I'm stretched to the limit with work, my usual stuff, and now I'm helping you out with your stuff around the house for the last 4 days.  Please help me by resting and eating better so that you get well fast!


    Wife who will be going to happy hour with coworkers on Friday 

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    Dear Husband,


    Thank you for starting smoking again. Not only is it hard for me almost a year free. (quit right before we started trying). But its hard enough having passion in our relationship with a 2 month old, and my step son almost 7. But now you smell and I don't want to kiss you or be near you. And when I see you smoke I get mad at you because you were doing so well and upset because I want one! 


    Your wife.

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    Dear Life,

    Please stop being so busy. Mama needs to breathe.

    Also, thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed up my and my family.

    That is all.


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    I have another....

    Dear manager I work with,

     You received a request to take action on August 16th. You ignored that email until August 22nd. You requested my help this morning for something I don't know will even go through my department so I am researching it. You have proceeded to ask me twice on the status (because you have a 2pm deadline today). Please get your sh!t together and act on your actions within the appropriate time frame. This is not the only action I have to take. I should not have to drop everything I am doing because you failed to act sooner and now it's a fire drill.


    Leave me the helll alone or else I will take even longer

    Lillian April 17, 2012
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    Dear Thursday circa 4pm,

    Please come quickly!


    In vacation mode, unmotivated working mom

    Dear Long Weekend,

    Please go slow!


    In vacation mode, unmotivated working mom

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    Dear Bank,

    Thank you for dragging your feet on the closing for the house and asking for a two week extension only to turn around and request that we close this Friday. I'm happy to give up the long vacation we had planned to be at closing and then to work on the house all weekend long.

    Truly Yours, 

    Angry Flipper 

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    Dear husband, children, friends, in-laws boss, and co-workers -

    I am very tired this week. Allergies have me exhausted, as well as everything that happens in my day is making me super exhausted - getting up at 6 and taking care of two children until 8, going to work until 5, taking care of two children and a husband until 9. Doing it all again the next day. So I have taken Friday off. My in-laws normally watch the children on Fridays and will come and pick them up and take them to their house, and I am NOT telling them that I will actually be staying home after they leave! I am going to lay in the sun and read. I am going to take a nap. I am going to go to the gym. I am going to make or purchase myself a huge yummy lunch. And then I will welcome my children home with open arms at 4:30!

    Good day,


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