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3rd Trimester

Marginal Cord Insertion (battledore placenta)

 Is what I have NOT velamentous Cord Insertion. Either way I am still freaked. Anyone know anything?
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Re: Marginal Cord Insertion (battledore placenta)

  • It's when the cord attaches to the placenta on the side instead of the middle. It's not nearly as bad as Velamentous Cord Insertion from looking online. I had that with my last pregnancy. That is where the cord grows on the outside inserts into the fetal membranes (choriamniotic membranes), then travels within the membranes to the placenta (between the amnion and the chorion). The exposed vessels are not protected by Wharton's jelly and hence are vulnerable to rupture. (Wikipedia) 

    But from reading around there can still be problems, although they are more rare. One is early labor, it also has the possibility of turning into Velamentous Cord Insertion. It can also cause fetal distress during labor and with a low lying placenta possibility of still birth. (you would know if you had this from the ultrasounds) To sum this all up it is not as problematic as Velamentous but should still be monitored. You should be able to have a normal healthy labor and delivery. I wouldn't stress yourself out, the doctors and midwives have you and your baby's best interest at heart. They will monitor and advise you and the best thing you can do is take their advice. If you feel like this needs to be addressed call your doctor and have this conversation with them. I hope this helps somewhat and doesn't make you worry more. The possibility of the bad side affects it's very slim and in the end none of us can predict how things will turn out we just trust in our faith and doctors.

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  • I had one. It caused exactly zero issues.My kid was healthy and big and her heartrate was perfect throughout my 10 hours of labor at the hospital.

    I can't believe the previous posted just said that. There is no possible way for it to "turn into" velamentous cord insertion at birth and it is NOT a risk factor for stillbirth. The condition I believe she's referring to that can cause stillbirth if not diagnosed is called vasa previa, it is NOT the same.

    Don't get your medical information from Wikipedia. I own a copy of Williams Obstetrics - it's the #1 medical textbook for OB/GYN residents. Here's what it says about marginal cord insertion/battledore placenta (I'm paraphrasing) 'usually an incidental finding at birth, battledore placenta is of little clinical significance.' read: it's no biggie and it's not going to cause anything bad to happen. It happens in 7-9% of pregnancies and is considered a variation of normal.

      The only thing I was told it would change is that if I had trouble delivering the placenta, they wouldn't go yanking on the cord to try to pull it out, they'd do something different.

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  • I currently have this.  They followed it for quite awhile.  The only thing we have to do now is go in to the hospital as soon as my water breaks to see where the cord is.  Other than that we are golden.  Good luck.
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  • Sadly I have spent too much time on the internet and have "learned" that this may cause low fluid and pre term labor. Also a c sec should be had as the cord is fragile and cam detach from the placenta.

    Of course my docs are not concerned other than his growth and I am being monitored.

    However I don't have the best experiences with docs so I am Leary.
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  • I have  Velamentous Cord Insertion that my doctor caught at my 18w ultrasound. Apparently Marginal is much better and doesnt cause such a worry. Dont google it as it will make you worry more. My doctors have just monitored her growth by giving me monthly u/s since 18weeks and she has been just fine. I know at times its hard to trust doctors but have faith they know what they are doing. Each case is diffrent when it comes to labor especially depending on the location on your insertion. If it is not over or on the cervix you can still have a normal labor ( I was told this by my high risk ob) I am choosing a c-section mainly because I want to take out as much risk as possible to my little girl. I on the other hand also have a succenturiate lobe in my placenta. It essentially looks like I have a smaller piece of placenta inside of my placenta. The only danger in that is it not being removed after the baby is out because it could cause infection. Dont be afraid to ask your doctor a million questions thats the only way you will find out exactly what is going on. Dont read to much into Dr. Google. I did that and cried for a few days thinking that I was going to loose my baby. She has been growing just fine and will be here in 46 short days. Good luck!

  • Yes ma'am, they can "turn into" a velamentous insertion.  Please research this information.  That is why those of us with marginal umbilical insertion are being monitored so ensure that 1. the cord remains fixed to the placenta (marginally of course) and does not further separate and only become attached to the amnion/chorion (velamentous insertion) and 2. to ensure the fetus is growing properly and not experiencing IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). 

    Perhaps you had a high-placed placenta, in which you could then deliver vaginally without much issue.  But again, for those of us with low lying placentas, the risk of intrapartum problems is MUCH higher.

    Please refer to the article "Ultrasound Diagnosis and Management of Umbilical Cord Abnormalities" found on the web.

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