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A couple quick questions

I know DH and I just started TTC but my Dr said it would be about 9 months after Mirena before I had a period and well I started last night and only had Mirena out Thursday. So, I was wondering, since we are gonna shoot for a BFP by Decemberish, if I should go ahead and email the very few midwives in my area? And, do I need to go for a OBGYN appointment before I find a midwife? 
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Re: A couple quick questions

  • You can email them to ask questions/get information. Is that what you mean? They may want to meet with you to see if you're low risk and a good candidate. I didnt do any of that ahead of time with DS but Im sure you can. This time my first appt with them wasn't even until like 9 weeks or so.
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  • It might be a good idea to ask the mw questions if they tend to book up quickly, so that when you do get a BFP you already know who you want to go with and can book them quickly.

    Where I am there are some popular midwives who book up quickly so that if you're over 6 or 7 weeks pregnant you'll probably miss out with them. 

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  • Email them what?

    No, you don't need to book an appointment with an OB. In fact, I'm going for my annual exam with a new midwife group I want to "get to know" even though I'm not pregnant. If I do get KU, I'll continue with their care.
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  • With this pregnancy I contacted MWs before my Bfp to get a feeling for their care and get some answers about insurance coverage. I called my now MW back when I got my Bfp so we could go in for a consultation (Dh needed some convincing on having a HB). She said she was already booked for FTMs, but she still had room for STMs since their labors are a little more predictable. I would call around and do the initial consults now and narrow down to your top 2-3. Then when you get your Bfp, you'll have choices if one is already booked.

    I'll add that my MW is the only choice in IL that does HB and is covered by my insurance. She was my only choice really if we decided on a HB, so we didn't have a backup!  Glad I called when I did.

    Eta- fingers crossed for your Bfp in Dec! 

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  • Thanks ya'll I only ask because I have googled my area to see what my options were and there is literally 2 midwife groups and they have a strict limit on how many moms 2 be that they take. And since DH and I definitely want a HB if at all possible.
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