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Hypnobirth: anyone create their own playlist?

DH and I had our first Hypnobirthing class yesterday.  I'm so excited about this method.  It really fits my personality and I think is going to be so beneficial.

That said, I can NOT listen to the Rainbow Relaxation sessions without absolutely cracking up.  I'm pretty "crunchy" but I can't get into being talked through the process.  I am much more of a "focus on what my body is doing/feeling" kind of person.

That said, did anyone completely forgo the hypnobirthing CDs and make their own playlists?  Any suggestions on what music you used?  I'm in the process of making several lists to go with whatever mood hits me in labor (classical versus light jazz versus simple piano, etc) but would love suggestions or confirmation if this worked for anyone else on the board.  TIA!

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Re: Hypnobirth: anyone create their own playlist?

  • I took hypnobirthing classes as well and had a wonderful HBAC. I listened to the birth affirmations track the most as far as preparing for labor. It is far more important that you truly believe and accept the concepts of HB than how you mesh with the tracks or what you actually listen to during labor. I think I listened to the birth affirmations during my nap 21 hours laboring but other than that didn't feel like I needed it at all. I usually just listened to a track on my iPod while falling asleep most nights anyhow. I can say my labor was intense but not painful, I even got through transition without realizing it. We called the midwife when I realized I was starting to push... Anyhow, continue to prepare however feels right to you. GL!
  • I listened to Rainbow Relaxation a lot while I was practicing, but when the big day came I found any kind of talking distracting, so I didn't end up using R & R while in labor.  What I listened to all 17.5 hours I was in labor was Comfort Zone, which is music recorded in a hypnotic rhythm same as R & R but without the talking.  
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