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30th birthday while pregnant

Hey ladies - 

I'll be turning 30 in November & will be 4 months pregnant by then.  I'm looking for something to do for my birthday celebration!  My husband & I have a big group of friends & tend to do parties pretty big, so I don't know what to do at all in this situation.  For my husband's 30th, we had a party at a bar.  I don't mind others drinking at all, but I don't want to be the only sober one watching my friends get drunk.  I have seen a lot of "spa day" suggestions online, but at 4 months I don't know if I'll need that yet.  Also, that's not a group activity.  Ideas?  Kansas City are ideas?  Thanks for your suggestions!


Re: 30th birthday while pregnant

  • Dave & Busters at The Legends could be fun- there is alcohol served there but it's not a "bar scene" and they have skee-ball.  Otherwise a late afternoon/early evening gathering at a pub or restaurant on the plaza or around Zona Rosa (depending on where you are in KC) could be fun, and people don't tend to drink as much while the sun is still up!  Picking a weekday just after work could also cut down on the "party hard" atmosphere!
  • Depending on the size of the group you could try a Hibachi restaurant like Buddha at Zona Rosa. Buddha has a nightclub atmosphere but is a restaurant where you sit around the cook and watch him make your dinner right in front of you.


  • You could always do a trip this year and a party next year.
  • Your birthday has passed a month ago (belated happy birthday katie), but same happens to me when I was turning 30...I had also witnessed a ?spa day?!! Even I don?t like to be drunk because as I drunk, I kept on repeating the same word again and again!!


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