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Is anyone familiar with this?  My 6 year old has ADHD and a speech delay (in therapy and has an IEP).  We were at her special ed meeting with religious school yesterday and talking about some of her issues with the main one being that she sometimes just can't come up with the answer even if we know that she knows it as asked in a different form, she can answer the question) and the special ed specialist (not sure if she is a teacher or what her role is) mentioned that we should have her medical team test her for this?  I did some online research and could really see some of what I read in my DD.  We don't see her behavioral team until Oct but might put in a call.  If I can rule this in (or out) it could effect how she is taught in school.
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    Dysnomia is pretty common among the kids I know with Aspergers. It's often related to auditory processing, especially as it relates to auditory memory. A multifactored eval can sort this out as well as explore common comorbids or issues that mimic this LD. Aspergers and NVLD are common with this dx. DS had a friend in elementary who presented similarly with an expressive language delay. She was a really bright girl, but came off as dull because she processed so slowly and had such a limited "safe" vocab.. I recall her telling me about a trip to Tuscany and how her favorite meal was "duck, it's a kind of ummm, chicken" because she couldn't pull poultry out of her head. She wasn't able to partake in the give and take verbal exchanges that are part of the social realm of girlhood and suffered socially as a result. Sweet kid, it made me sad.

    Your district can do the eval if you request it in writing. If she needs meaningful support or differentiated instruction, you may need to consider your local pulic school or a private theraputic LD/lab school. Most indie and religious schools are ill equipt to manage needs of this sort regardless of what they say.

      Thanks for the input.  If my DD has this, it is not very sever.  She has gone through a lot of testing due to a brain injury at birth and her speech delay and she has ADHD and has an IEP already.  She does not have Aspergers (Autism spectrum was part of her testing when they did the ADHD testing to rule anything out) but I don't think they looked for this as I have never heard of it before, until the special ed person for religious school mentioned it to me.  I plan to mention it to her behavioral medical team and see what they think.
    Jenni Mom to DD#1 - 6-16-06 DD#2 - 3-13-08 
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