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A dd & an apology....

I apologize if my previous post was offensive.  I NEVER meant for it to be so.  Trust me, I've had SEVERAL failed cycles and have tried everything.  I follow these boards and I actually found it helpful to hear what worked for others - again, I don't know if that stuff worked or if it was pure luck.  I was just trying to shed some light for others.  I'm no expert and did not mean for my post to be demeaning.

I apologize and wish everyone nothing but very fertile thoughts!  I have great respect for everyone going through this infertility struggle and I'm sorry my post came off the wrong way.  

Again, sorry and best wishes for everyone. 

several failed cycles on clomid and lose dose injectibles, IUI #1 2009 - BFN IUI #2 2009 - BFP - boy/girl twins born at 31 weeks. IVF #1= BFN; FET #1 = c/p; FET #2 = c/p, FET #3 = negative, FET #4 = positive, baby stillborn at 24 weeks.  

Re: A dd & an apology....

  • Thank you

    Multiple ectopics, 2 failed IVF's
    IVF #1: Did not get to ET, embies all failed PGD (major chromosomal defects)
    IVF #2: We have 2 chromosomally perfect embies as a result of PGD (Boy/Girl) 1 failed the thaw (Girl) Transferred 1, yet ended as a c/p
    Thought it was the end of our TTC Journey 6/20/2012
    SHOCK BFP 9/28/2012: IT'S A BOY! and everything is normal !!!!!!

    Little A born 38w 2d on 05/23/13 and is a true miracle for this IF Vet!



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    TTC #1 Since 4/2010, Cycle 30
    Positive for HLA-B27, I'm a mutant :p
    Testing - Me ok, gluten issue? DH - borderline count, low motility
    4/28/11 IUI#1 = BFP!(5/25), EDD 2/2/12 - m/c 5w3d
    7/3, 7/31, 9/25 - IUI#2-4=BFN
    IVF#1 - 1 blast = BFP!! (12/30), EDD 9/9/12, confirmed c/p 4w2d
    FET#1 3/2/12 - 2 blasts =BFP!! EDD 11/18/12, us#1 = twins! Confirmed m/c 5w6d
    4/20-surprise BFP and another c/p 4w2d
    FET#2 7/16/12 - 2 blasts = BFN
    FET#3 8/20/12 - 1 blast - BFP!! Beta #1-2=177, 354
    1st u/s 5w6d, one beautiful little HB :), 2nd u/s 146bpm
    baby girl born 5/10/13

    TTC#2 since 12/17/2014, Cycle 8
    Repeat Testing...FSH=12, AMH=3.8, AFC=28. 
    IUI#5 5/10/15- c/p?
    IVF#2 8/19/15 - cancelled due to cysts
    IVF#2 take two 10/2015 - 5 blasts frozen
    FET#4 12/11/2015 - BFN - 4 blasts remaining
    FET#5 2/18/16 - BFP!!!  Beta1-3, 126, 250, 745!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicLilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

    Tons of love and ((hugs)) to my IF sister NMscubagirl

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