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Potty Training

Need some help.....

My 3 year old son is peeing in the potty. The little one and the big one. He will stand up and pee in the toilet and don't miss it. He will go to pee while we are at a store and stand there too.

 He doesn't pee or poop in his underwear at night. He sleeps from 9pm- 7am. Totally dry. He will get up in the morning and go pee but no poop.

My problem is pooping. He has went before in the potty(little one) but I can't get him to go anymore. He just did it that one time. He has 1 to 2 accidents a day in his underwear.

My question is how do i get him to poop? How can I teach him not to poop in his underwear? My husbands cousin made his son wash his own underwear in the toliet when he had a accident and that tought him not to do it again. I think thats a bad idea. Do you think the reward chart is a good idea and the reward jar is a good idea?

 Please help I'm going back to work during the day and husband is at work during the night. And we have a 2 month old too. We can't put him in daycare til he is potty trained. At that age it is a requirement at all the daycares around us.

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