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Drinking almond milk while pregnant

Any of you ladies drink almond milk while pregnant? I have been but am not sure if this is safe. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Drinking almond milk while pregnant

  • I drink it on occasion.  I don't know why it would be unsafe, as it is derived from almonds and they are safe.  
  • From what I have read nut products, including almond milk, are fine as long as nut allergies don't run in your family
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  • What about almond milk would be unsafe?
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  • Yes, you're fine.  There is talk about consuming peanuts during pregnancy, but no reason almonds would be unsafe.

    "Women who are allergic to peanuts should not eat peanuts or peanut products during pregnancy or at any other time. Studies suggest that women who are not allergic to peanuts can safely eat peanuts during pregnancy (3)

    Because peanut allergy tends to run in families, health care providers have been seeking ways to help prevent this allergy in babies from affected families. Until recently, experts recommended that women who aren?t allergic to peanuts but who have a family history of peanut allergy avoid peanuts during pregnancy (3, 4). However, recent studies have found no evidence that avoiding peanuts in pregnancy helps prevent peanut allergies in the child (3, 5)."- March of Dimes website


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  • I am lactose intolerant and almond milk has always been my "milk" of choice. My nutritionist switched me to soy milk though, because you get more Good stuff for you in it. Soy milk has protein and almond milk does not. And soy milk is fortified with calcium (one serving can give you 1/3 day's calcium needs) and almond milk does not. These make soy milk a great source of nutrients we need most while pregnant.

  • Apples to apples comparison of soy milk vs almond milk for nutrition :
    Yes it is only one brand that sells both, but in my opinion that's how you should look things up for comparison because each brand tries to market different things.
    Good vs not so good comparison:
    Yes soy milk has some things almond milk doesn't, but the same can be said for almond milk. And some of the ingredients in soy are not necessarily healthy. The biggest thing is the isoflavens. They do mess with hormone production in both men and women. Causing estrogen spikes in women, especially pregnant women is not healthy. My younger roommate is part of an international vegan group that pass and share all sorts of recipes and information. One of the issues found by a large percentage of the girls whom consume soy in large quantities as a substitute for milk, is most were experiencing lighter to infrequent periods the longer the had just soy products. Some even had fertility issues later. Most of their doctors told them to either moderate more heavily their intake of soy our stop altogether at least for the time being for their hormones to balance out again. So the main idea here appears to be moderation just like with anything else. There are pros and cons to both almond and soy milk. Speak to your doctor and a well educated nutritionist and keep an eye on everything. Read your labels and remember moderation can be the key to meet many nutritional needs for you and your baby.
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  • I have been drinking silk almond milk my entire pregnancy. Im currently in my third trimester with only 49 days to go. I am not a fan of milk and I know I don't get as much calcium as I should. I switched to almond milk because it has twice the calcium and half the calories of regular dairy milk. I get the unsweetened vanilla kind that has only 30 calories per serving. It great because it doesn't have any added sugar and you still get plenty of calcium. I worried about excessive weight gain during pregnancy because a.) both my parents are diabetics which initially put me at risk for gestational diabetes and b.) I want to get back to my normal gym routine asap and get my body back to normal. My baby boy is perfectly healthy with no complications to date. Both my regular OB and my perinatalogist said everything looks good for the arrival of a healthy baby body.

  • Why was this thread resurrected twice?

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  • I have always preferred Natural, Unsweetened Almond milk as an adult.   Growing up on a dairy farm I WILL not drink sweetened milk (i.e. your normal gallons you buy at the store).   I hate that they mess with the natural nutrients of it :(

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  • I drink almond milk daily- way better for you than soy or dairy IMO.
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  • I have a glass of almond milk every day
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  • Last night at dinner, our server brought me a cocktail, instead of a mocktail. Lucky DH had a sip because I couldn't tell...THAT would have been a problem. Your beverage selection however, is a lovely choice.
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