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Anxiety Attack? What?

I have never experienced something like this before so I am coming to you ladies to see if I need to go BACK to the doctor.. or if this is just another piece of the PPA puzzle. I posted recently about tingling hands and feet, which seemed to get  A LOT better after normal blood test results and talking to my doctor about them being a symptom of sleep-deprivation and stress and having him explain to me why they are happening (I'd be happy to share if anyone is experiencing the same thing). 

But.. last night while I was laying in bed, my husband and I were joking around, BS-ing, talking, the baby was sleeping peacefully in his room, everything felt fine and BAM my heart starts racing like I was having a heart attack. It took me a few seconds (30?) for my heart to slow down, but I've been thinking about it ever since. I wasn't all sweaty or hyperventilating like some of the symptoms I've been seeing online. Just the racing heart and racing mind afterwards. What the heck was that? I've never had a panic attack before, but I always assumed they happened more like a climax of crying or being in a moment of extreme anxiety, not hitting me like a train just before falling asleep. I've been really stressed with tasks of switching to a new job, motherhood, buying our first hosue, and being matron of honor in an upcoming wedding (my friend is being a bridezilla and her mother in law may be certifiably insane as well...), plus my tingling brought on a whole bunch of fun health concerns and obsessions... 

So, what do you think.. Is this another manifestation of my stress or do I need to go to a cardiologist?  I run/exercise about 4 times a week and my blood pressure is normally pretty good. I've been struggling with stress and I've been considering trying to find a PPD/PPA counselor to help me sort through some of it. Hubby says "You don't need a counselor.. just talk to me." Sigh. 

 Thanks for reading.  

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Re: Anxiety Attack? What?

  • Omgoodness! I went through the exact same thing. Tingling feet almost drove me insane. Heart would race uncontrollably. Palpitating heart, sweating during sleep, shaking, racing thoughts. It's all anxiety.
  • So.. if you say you "went" through it... please tell me that it got better at some point? 
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  • Yes, it does get better. I had to take meds though. I'm on Effexor, beta blocker.
    I wrote my story a couple of days ago, There is hope.
  • I haven't introduced myself to the group yet, but I wanted to reply. I have been going through something similar on and off and the other day I had a full blown panic attack in which I thought I was having a stroke, my arms went numb starting at the shoulders down to my hands and I couldn't bend my fingers. I have since figured out that it was due to a too high a dose of my anxiety meds. Could that be the issue? I also started to experience obsessive thoughts due to a "trigger" and paranoia, all of which have lessened since cutting back on my dosage. Anxiety sucks and I just called a counselor today to help work through these things. I highly suggest you do too, it feels liberating to be taking steps to stop these feelings:) Good luck!
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