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welp! where do I begin? my name is Brittany and I am 26 years old. I joined the bump to get more information on pregnancy and what to expect. i cant say that I am truly TTC, moreso believing that it may have already happened. The first day of my last MC was July 11th, 2012 and AF still hasnt shown up. I have taken 3 EPT and they were all negative. I dont quite trust that. I have already lost a pregnancy and do remember my symtoms; bathroom breaks, EXTREMELY sore nipples and a constant quesy feeling. I have all of these same symptoms now. If I am PG this would be a surprise, but thankfully I am in a loving relationship with my SO. I will be making a doctors appt next week if AF never visits, THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME!! After my loss deep down, I am hoping that I've got a little bun in the oven...... it would be a miracle. thanks for having me :) 

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  • Welcome! FX for a BFP! :-)
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  • Welcome and good luck!

    Are you charting? You may have ovulated later this cycle, keep testing once a week until AF shows, you get a BFP, or 60 days, then call your doc. In the meantime, check out Fertility Friend, you can get there by clicking the frog in my siggy. Even if you decide not to chart, the site has great information about cycles, and how to recognize your fertile window. If you do chart, you will have a better idea of when you actually ovulate, so you can time sex better.

    I just started temping this cycle, and I"m hoping that once I get my timing right with temping, it will help me and DH time sex better too. I have cycles that have ranged from 32 days to 58 days, just  to give you an idea of how different cycles can be. 

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  • THANK YOU ALL!!!!! Its great to have a community of women who can relate and know what your talking about. To be more specific my M/C was 2 years ago and I have had normal cycles since then (irregular but normal). I'm on my 47th day in this cycle and AF still hasn't dropped in. I will check out the charts and calculators as you ladies suggested. I decided not to take another test for at least 2 weeks... Thanks again! You guys are great!
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