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Delivering at Mount Sinai.... Thoughts?

I'm still very early in pregnancy, about 2 months, but I've started thinking about delivery just to get my head ready for it. I have an amazing OB that I love, but she delivers at Mount Sinai. Before I started seeing her, I was under the impression that she delivered at Lenox Hill, which is where I wanted to deliver. I was wondering if anyone delivered at Mount Sinai recently, or knew anyone who has. I know they just completed a renovation which sounds great, but I've also heard that private rooms are incredibly expensive. I hate the idea that my husband will have to leave at 11pm each night.... does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
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Re: Delivering at Mount Sinai.... Thoughts?

  • I'm delivering at Sinai in September.  I just went on a hospital tour and found out the private rooms range from $500 to $850.  The new rooms with park views are more expensive and rooms are reserved on a first come/born first serve bases.  Im not sure but I believe you also have to pay for private rooms at Lenox hill.
  • I delivered at Mt Sinai in May and had an overall enjoyable experience. Based on my delivery time I stayed three nights. When my husband went to get our room assignment they were out of shared rooms so we got a private room (for free) for the first night. It was awesome to have my husband there but he didn't get much sleep. The room has a fold out chair that he said was rather uncomfortable.

    The next day we were moved to a double, but it happened to be empty that night. My last night I had a roommate who had a c-section in the middle of the night so she came in at about 2am and had doctors and nurses checking on her hourly. The attention is great but it makes it difficult for others in the room to sleep as they turn on lights and were using loud voices to discuss her medical care. She was hooked up to a machine that beeped every minute or so, and when she would reach for something it would cause the machine to not be able to do its job (whatever that was) and it would beep constantly until a nurse came in to reset it. She was on the phone throughout the night calling people to tell them about her birth experience. If you're in a shared room remember that the partitions are not sound proof. I heard her birth story so many times I can still repeat it! Smile

    If you can afford it I would highly recommend the private room. It was definitely out of my budget. The shared rooms were equally nice (the exact same equipment) and the nurses I had were not rigid about when my husband had to leave (somewhere between 12 and 1am). The nurses at Mt Sinai were awesome! The LC was not super helpful (if you're planning to breast feed).

    I went to Mt Sinai solely because I really like my ob and that's where she delivers. The delivery rooms are small (we had a doula so it got crowded quickly). The triage was awful. We waited for about an hour with contractions 4-5 minutes apart and my water had already broken. The staff/doctors in triage were the only rude people we encountered, but I was told it was because we arrived during a shift change.

    Good luck! 


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  • I was hoping for St. Luke's with west side obgyn, but they were with Mt. Sinai. I ended up needing a c-section, so I can't tell you much about the delivery portion. We got a private room. Yes, they're expensive, but I can't imagine having to stay there for 4 days after a cs without one. I needed my husband there as I couldn't even get up out of bed until 36 hours after. The nurses are great and my first nurse actually helped me more with the breast feeding than the LCs.

    The LCs are super pushy and will come by your room every day to nag you about your breast feeding. DD was latching fine, but they wanted me to wear shells for my nipples and kept asking me why I wasn't. Hmmm maybe because I can't even get out of bed, so no, I'm not going to get dressed just so I have something to hold the shells on. 

    Also, a photographer came by the room. She does a photo session for free and then will email you the link and you can buy the photos if you want. If you are feeling up to it, I highly recommend this. The photos came out great and I'm so happy we did it. 

    PP were right about the pullout chair "bed" in the private rooms being awful. I would bring a twin blowup mattress if you have one and are going to be there for several nights. 

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  • Thank you ladies for all of the insight... it sounds kinda awful. :/ I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend over a thousand dollars for a few nights of privacy though... I guess I'll have to think about it more as it gets closer.  Thanks again!
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  • Hi Melanie, I delivered at Mt Sinai in July. Overall, it was a positive experience. Yes, they have renovated the 7 and 8th floors in Labor and Delivery. They are a lot nicer than the 5th floor. The private rooms are expensive, but we ended up going for it so he could spend the night. It was priceless when it came to getting rest and having privacy. The nurses are in so much during the night and that was just for me! I can't image what it would be like if there was someone else in the room. But, I know it's another expense and isn't the end of the world if you get a semi-private. Let me know if you have any other questions on the experience, good luck!
  • Hi,

    This is a good post. I looked into the private room fees because my sister-in-law had a private room both times she had her kids. She said the private room was so worth it.

    But looking at the cost, my insurance only covers for the semi private room. At minimum, I know it's at least 2 nights out of pocket. I'm still debating on what I'm planning to do also.  At least there is still time to decide.

  • Hi, What did you decide? I am in a similar situation,
  • Hi Melanie, how was your experience?
    Ladies, I would like to hear a most recent experience from Mt. Sanai.
    I am due on Nov 23rd 2013 but I might have to switch to a new OB (since mine has started showing signs that she doesnt care much / may be she is too busy). My current Ob Dr. Natalie Stevens delivered at LEnox Hill and although I had read mixed reviews about the hospital, I was going to go with it because I felt comfortable with Dr. Stevens. But lately she has been so casual / indifferent to my worries and concerns that it makes me feel that she might not be right for me. Also, she never spends time explaining anything to me! I have to do all the research myself. And recently when i complained about a lump i my breast, she sent me for a mammogram!! The radiology department said that they ONLY do it on very high risk pregnant women because they dont want to expose the baby to radiations! I am angry that Dr. Stevens couldnt spare 15 seconds of her time to explain the risks to me!!!
    Anyway, I have decided to finalize a new hospital and then find a nice Ob that uses that hospital. What you ladies think? Is that a wrong approach?
    If you were happy with your Ob please share their contact info and your thoughts.
    Many thanks in advance :)
  • @harpy27- i am very happy w my OB who delivers at mt Sinai- dr howard Kurtz at NY oBgyn on 84th
  • Sinai is great and hubby can stay overnight whether you book a private room or not.
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  • I'm delivering at Sinai next month.  My doctor used to deliver at NYU but the practice had to temporarily move to Sinai after Hurricane Sandy, and they liked it so much they stayed.  I've done birthing classes and the hospital seems nice.  We couldn't see any of the rooms during class this week because they were all full, but hopefully I get to see them at the next class.

    We are hoping for a private room though my fear is that it will be so busy we won't get one.  They are expensive, but we're budgeting for it because I want him to be there all night.  I'm pretty sure that most hospitals in NY require you to pay for a private room.  The city is too big and too busy not to do it I guess....oh the beauty of big city life.
  • I've decided on Mt Sinai but need an OB. Can anyone recommend theirs?
  • My OB delivers at Mt Sinai, and I love her--but she doesn't take insurance, so if that's important to you, you may want to look at others. It's East Side Women's OBGYN, and my OB is Dr. Shur--although the three doctors in the practice share pregnancy/prenatal care, so you can be 100% assured that someone you know will be at your delivery regardless of when it is :) (I'm still in very early stages so I haven't met the other two, but I've heard very good things)
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