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Cloth Diapering Service in ND

Does anyone know of a cloth diapering service in North Dakota? I live in Bismarck but hoping there is some kind of service in the area.

Re: Cloth Diapering Service in ND

  • I don't know any in the state.  There are plenty of stores that sell cloth diapers but I don't know of any service for cleaning them.
  • Don't know of any in Bismarck either.  Not even a store that sells cloth diapers (not prefolds) that I know of. 
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  • You might have to call around to different Laundromats or washing services. Have you started CDing yet? Washing at home isn't as hard as you would think, I know when I first started it seemed overwhelming :)
  • I looked at the state by state cloth diapering services.  It lists which companies offer those kinds of services and in which city they are located in.  North Dakota doesn't have any listed, so I am guessing there aren't any in the state.  Talk to your physician, maybe they know of a place in Bismarck that would provide the services you are looking for.
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  • How do you do it well? My mom used to keep a bucket with water and bleach in it and add to the bucket all day. Then in the evening she would wash the whole load for a set of new diapers in the morning.

    My other question is how do you fold the diaper correctly on the baby so there are minimal leaks?


    Video Blog series on youtube I thought was very helpful:


    Those are a bunch of websites I researched on when I was first learning about CDs. Cloth diapers are much different these days, compared to when our mothers did it.

    The way you fold it depends on your preference, you can also switch styles if you have a boy or a girl. Some diapers, like pocket diapers, have snaps or velcro so they are practically like disposable diapers and you don't have to fold them.

     To wash, you should use a CD safe detergent. I do a cold rinse with 1/2 cup of vinegar, a hot wash/cold rinse cycle, plus an additional cold rinse. It has been working well for almost a year.  

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