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First Symptoms?

So I like to think that everything I'm experiencing in the DPO are clearly signs of my impending pregnancy. Has anyone had any symptoms very early on (like 4 weeks) and were actually pregnant? I'm a big fan of NOT testing early. I always get a negative and then convince myself it was only because I tested too early, only to take another test days later and have it be negative again. From now on, I'm only testing once per cycle!

Re: First Symptoms?

  • Your frustration was my frustration! I would start getting myself excited and then the negative test would come back. 

    Then it happened and I knew it the week my period didn't show up. I had light cramping as opposed to my normal PMS crippling cramps. Also I got tender breasts right away and have had them ever since...had to buy a new bra already!

    Waiting is a good thing, torturous, but good. In the end it turns out to be more of a mind saver because you aren't getting excited and immediately let down lots of times every month.  

     It is very hard to say when going off of symptoms because EVERY pregnancy is different. My only symptoms have been tenderness, exhaustion during the day and tossing and turning all night. Haven't been sick at all only the occasional feeling that can only be described as having a bad hangover for several hours at a time. 

    But the first things that I felt seemed like normal PMS but less or more intense, less cramps, and more tenderness. I was supposed to start on a monday and tested late friday and it was positive.

    I used the "Get Baby" android app on my phone to track my periods and ovulation cycles and everything, I would recommend it. Then you might have an idea of when your cycles should be in the month, if you are irregular, and make it easier to decide when to test. 



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