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We should use the Arkansas board more often. I like talking to other women that are close by... here's a little about me:

My name is Jamie, I'm 21 and expecting my first LO in mid January. We go August 24th (next Friday) to find out what we're having. My SO and I have been together since August of last year and TTC since December... One of the first conversations we had when we started dating was how we both wanted kids and a family (SO has two already)... We're both very excited and I'm loving every second of this experience. :) Anywho, if anyone wants to talk feel free to message me.


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Re: Arkansas board...

  • Hello! Im not sure why this board isnt used often. It would be nice to talk to local ladies. 

    To introduce myself- I just had my first LO 10 weeks ago. Hes (knock on wood) pretty easy for a baby. I keep telling DH that we lucked out this time, but next baby wont be this laid back.


  • Aw!!! :) I hope we have the same luck. Did you have a boy or girl? I'm so anxious to find out next week, it's driving me nuts lol
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  • My name is Angelica and my DH and I got married this past April. We talked about kids before we even got married. We recently went and had an ultrasound done because I don't have a menstrual cycle anymore and found out I have PCOS. Right now I am on Provera (day 9) and will start Clomid soon. We are still TTC and are hoping it will be an easy journey!
  • What's PCOS? And, good luck! I'll cross my fingers for you guys :)
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  • PCOS is Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome basically it means that I do have eggs in my ovaries they just don't mature and descend from my ovaries. I also don't have a menstrual cycle anymore. So they not only have to endure ovulation but also my menstrual cycle. 

     Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. This is only my first cycle on Clomid and I am hoping that we get lucky and get pregnant on this first cycle, but reading some of the other ladies' stories about it I am starting to lose faith.  

  • Well, don't. Everyone is different and these things take time. You gotta be patient. Good luck with everything :)
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