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Birthing / Lamaze Classes?

Does anyone know of any childbirth classes that are happening between now and October? What is a good price for these? And are they even worth the time / money?

Re: Birthing / Lamaze Classes?

  • I"m still TTC, but from what I can tell, Toledo Hospital and St. Lukes have birthing classes. If your OB/midwife can't refer anybody else, I know if you look up The Bradley Method (if you are interested in natural childbirth), there is a lady in the area that does it, but I'm not sure when anything starts.

    FWIW, I plan on taking these classes if/when I get my BFP. I want to be as prepared as possible, and learn as much as I can about pain managment and relaxation. I'd rather be over-prepared (think that's impossible) than under-prepared...especially if you are considering natural. Hope that helps!


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