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Daycare in Vienna

I am expecting in February and just moved to Vienna in May.  Does anyone know if there is a website that reviews day cares?  I know nothing about the day cares in the Vienna area--I don't even know where to start looking.


Re: Daycare in Vienna

  • I have a few friends who have tried this place and while they do charge money they sound like a reputable company and worth it.  We'll use them when we're ready to find day care. 
  • We're in Vienna too and have been using I also found this article We visited a couple of the local day cares but are now thinking about using a nanny.
  • You may have already resolved this but just thought I'd pass along that I looked at quite a few places for my 4yo and ended up going with kindercare in oakton. Now that we are due with 2, I'm pretty sure our plan is to stick with them. Our neighbor has her 3yo and 13 wk enrolled and is also very happy.
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