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Good height for a changing table?

I plan on refinishing a piece of old furniture to use as a changing table but wondering what height range is right?  Any suggestions? 
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Re: Good height for a changing table?

  • We use Aria's dresser as a changing table. I'd say that it hits me right between my rib cage and belly button? We put the changing pad on top of that. It seems to work for us.

    Now... if I can only get her to quit rolling over while changing her diaper... :P

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  • It all depends on your height. You want something that you don't have to hunch over while changing the diaper. We used the top of a dresser with a changing pad but only until DS was rolling over (about 4 months) and since then we've changed him on the floor. So keep that in mind as it wont really be used for ALL the long.
  • I'm 5'4 and DH is 6'2 and we both comfortably change DD on our Hemnes dresser from IKEA with a pad.  I would aim for whatever height that is unless you are much taller or shorter.  When I was pregnant we bought the dresser and I thought it was going to be too high and it ended up being perfect, so I would aim for a littler higher than you think you want.  I tried to change a couple diapers on our dining room table when dd was a newborn and bending over killed my back.
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  • DH made our changing table, and we spent a little while researching what height changing tables are. We found that most of them are 38 - 40 inches high. That seemed REALLY high to me, until DD was born. We made ours 39 inches high, and even though I'm only 5'3", it's the perfect height. With a changing pad on it, it's high enough that I don't have to bend to put her on it or pick her up from it - which will be especially important when she's older and heavier - and low enough that I don't have to 'reach up' or stretch out my arms to change her. A friend of mine just uses a hip-height dresser, and now that her baby is nearly 25lbs, she hates it!
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