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New here and Mirena Question

Hi all!

I am wondering if anyone has any advice on when I should have my Mirena removed in I am not TTC till November? I know doctors say that you can try and get pregnant and be successful right away but I am just wondering what others have experienced. I am wondering if it would be best to take it out sooner and suppliment with another BC method until November.

Thanks for your help!!

Re: New here and Mirena Question

  • It's good to have you here! Honestly, I have not ever used Mirena so I am not a good resource on knowing when you should have it removed. However, I was on BCP for about ten years, and after recently stopping it has been taking awhile for my cycles to get back to normal. If you are going to TTC in November, I would recommend stopping BC before that date to give your body time to adjust.
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  • Welcome laurin1227!!! I just removed my Mirena on July 18th & had a + PT on August 10th!! I go September 5th to find out how far I am. My OB (&all of his nurses) warned me that it could happen as fast as a week after removal. Go figure, huh!? They said the effects of the BC are gone as soon as it is removed. So heads up. Lol.
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