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Thinking VBAC but scared!

I am only in my first tri with baby #2. I had an elective C section with my DS...well...he was 10lbs 4 oz so Dr said I would not be able to push him out. We decided to just schedule the C section.

I hated the experience and recovery was awful. I was considering VBAC this time but I am uneducated about this process. Any tips/advice would be soooo helpful to me.

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Re: Thinking VBAC but scared!

  • First, if you haven't already, get a new doctor.  Anyone who schedules a c-section for size is not going help you get a VBAC.

    Second, check out the VBAC blog.  Iris keeps it well updated with all the latest research and birth stories.

    Good luck with your research and decision!

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  • Just wanted to say that my DS was 10 lbs, 2 oz.  He was a c/s because his cord got caught under him and it slowed his heartrate.  But they never said I wouldn't have been able to deliver him otherwise. 

    I changed hospitals for my VBAC.  My DD was almost 2 lbs smaller and came out without an issue.  I agree that you need to change doctors if you are interested in a VBAC. 

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