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Voluntary Simplicity- Realistic with Kids?

My husband and I have a Real Estate business in South Florida, so we are constantly around other families that are upgrading into bigger homes, especially when they have another child.

I have no judgement on these families whatsoever. It's just that my husband and I are really on a simplicity kick. We almost have our small two bedroom condo paid off and have a two year old. Now that we are thinking of having baby number two, the question is how long can we stay here and is it realistic?

If we stay, once we finish paying off the condo, we can have extra money to do things that we want to do: travel, work less hours, etc. If we buy another house, it means another mortgage to pay off and working for a long time to do so.

Part of me tells me that I am being ridiculous because there are so many parts of the world where there are families of 10 crammed into a two-bedroom house. But I think our society is constantly telling us the opposite is true and that we "need" to spend and get into debt in order to be "successful."

Re: Voluntary Simplicity- Realistic with Kids?

  • I think for most people or at least for me it comes down to priorities. We currently own a 2 bed home but are looking for a bigger house as we have just had our first child and our priorities have changed. It is now more important for us to have a bigger house so we can have family an friends visit, live in a better school district and an area that is child friendly. We waited until our late 30's to have a family so we have already travelled extensively and done most of the things we wanted.
    It is realistic to have 2 children in a 2 bed condo.... Yes of course, it will be tight but I'm sure you can do it. You have to decide what is more important to you and go from there.
    I do not agree with people getting into debt and over extending, people should live within their means and I give you props for being financially smart.
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