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Stretch Marks? Tighten Tone and Firm skin!!!!

If you have stretch marks (like many) or are post-baby and want to tighten, firm and tone your body... you need to check out my products. You can visit my facebook page at OR call/text me today to see how just $25 can make you look and feel amazing!

The ultimate body applicator helps remove unwanted toxins and gives you the best results in just 45 min! To good to be true? Check out the before and after pictures on my facebook page. Try it today for just $25 and see results! You can lose inches fast in just 45 MINUTES! That's nap time! ;)


CALL TODAY 253-380-5160

Ask For Te'Anna


ORDER ONLINE 4 Body Wraps for just $59 when you sign up as a Loyal Customer! WrapAndRockUrBody.MyItWorks.Com (no www) . . . AMAZING RESULTS EVERYTIME!

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