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Daycare recommendations in Olney area

Does anyone have daycare recommendations in the Olney area for a 20 month old now & newborn in November?

Re: Daycare recommendations in Olney area

  • I am due in November with my first. I just started researching. I hear very good things about The Children in the Shoe. It is on Georgia Ave. across from the volunteer fire house. 

    I will watch your thread for other ideas as I am looking too. 

  • I have been very happy with Olive Child Care (its in the old children in the shoe location).  My kid has been there about 9 months and she loves it.  She is incredibly attached to her teachers, which I think is a good thing.  I looked at multiple in homes as well as Children in the Shoe and Kindercare.  Children in the Shoe was nice too, but I wanted something smaller for my infant. 

    PM if you need more info.

  • I'm interested in this as well and will be watching this thread. I know my girlfriend is putting her daughter into Children in the Shoe and is excited about that. I am looking at that, Olive, Kindercare and looking for some in-home daycares as well.
  • We have been using Children in the Shoe since my oldest was 9 months (at the old location) and my other 2 kids are still there.  We liked it from the first day and would definitely recommend them.
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  • I found a great home day care off of Muncaster Mill! If interested email me at
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