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Where do you work?

Hey everyone-- an MD mama here looking to possibly relocate to SC, depending on if my husband and I can find jobs.

 So where do you/your DH work? Do you like it? Are they hiring? What's the BEST place in SC to live? Sorry for all the questions-- we haven't moved this far away before as adults!

Re: Where do you work?

  • My husband and I both work for Wells Fargo. He's a supervisor at a call center, I work at a branch. The pay is ok but the opportunity for growth is there. It's a huge company so it's everywhere in case you move again. They're very into HR policies so its a fair place to work. I lived in MD and from NY, and live in Columbia. If you're looking to settle this is the place. It's close to Charlotte and Charleston. If you want a real city then go to Charleston. Columbia isn't a "city, city". Good luck with your move. Let me know if you move to this area. I could always use more mommy friends. :
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