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Crazy noisy sleeper

LO makes so much noise while sleeping sometimes.  He is 12 weeks and still swaddled.  Sometimes he is still and silent while sleeping.  Other times he grunts and makes crazy noises and kicks like crazy.  He kicks out of his swaddle.   All while his eyes are closed.   Anyone else's LO sleep like this??

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  • Our son is the same way; sometimes it's gas other times I wonder what he's dreaming. 
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  • Our baby girl is the same. When she's grunting and making crazy noises and kicking (for 1.5 hours in a row last night), its usually because she's trying to poop/fart and not having any success. Its rough because she sleeps in a pnp in our room, and it will keep us awake when she does it after 4am. She also HAS to be swaddled while sleeping, or she'll wake herself up with her arms. We're trying to make the transition to the crib for this reason, but its been crazy hot and her room just doesn't cool down until after midnight, especially since we have to put her in a special swaddle blanket that just keeps her too hot to be in any room but ours (we have a window AC unit in our bedroom). The central air in our home just can't keep up with this heat!
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  • Mine is quiet as can be during naps and loud as sh!t at night!
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  • Mine is getting better, but she is still reslly grunty/thrashy.  It does get progressively worse throughout the night so I think part of it is gas.  She also still has to be swaddled which makes her thrash around like crazy.  It is definitely loud and I spend a lot of time looking on the monitor (though she is still in our room) to see if she is really awake or not.
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  • Mine's the same way.  Google "grunting baby syndrome" and you'll see it's pretty common, harmless, and eventually goes away on its own.
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    Mine is quiet as can be during naps and loud as sh!t at night!

    Same here!! 

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  • Part of it is because babies spend so much time in active sleep which will slowly go away as they spend more time in inactive sleep as they get older. totally normal.

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    Oh my gosh, YES.  Some nights are worse than others.  I am hoping to transition to her own room soon for this very reason.
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  • Oh good to know!! My DS does this, too!! I was beginning to think he was the oddball out -- but, glad to see it's a common thing :)  He's still in a bassinet next to our bed - it's so distracting!! I am constantly thinking he's waking up and get myself up to go prepare his bottle, only to come back and see he's still sleeping!!! Little tricksters, they are :)  And, I agree.. for my DS, I definitely think it's gas related.. he pumps his legs like no other when he's having his grunting fits!
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