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Cloth Diapering

Trying to decide...

Hi all!  I know I'm still very early, but this is something that I feel I'll want to do a good deal of research on, so I want to start early.  Could you recommend some sources for cloth diapering?  I feel like it would be so overwhelming along with a first baby, so I'm not positive I want to do it, but I definitely don't want to rule it out without researching it first. 




Re: Trying to decide...

  • Start with the FAQ on the upper right of this board.

    If you start with baby #1, you save the most money because you can use diapers (especially newborn diapers) for more than one child. It's really not that hard if you have access to a washer.

  • Wow... feeling a little ditsy that I've NEVER seen that FAQ link before...



  • Not your fault - it's super tiny! No one sees it.
  • When I first started and was confused by all the different types, etc, this website really helped me get it:

    Also, I google image searched all of the types of diapers. The thing that honestly helped the most though was just buying a cloth diaper and seeing how it worked.

    I am a first time mom and didn't find cloth diapering overwhelming. In fact, I was more overwhelmed when we were only part time CDing DD as a newborn and kept having poopy blowouts in her disposables.

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  • I'd also recommend the Youtube series "Cloth Diapering 101".  It goes through all the different types and some of the popular brands and shows you exactly how they work.

    I have a "Cloth Diapering Cheat Sheet" link in my signature, but the tips there are more for when you know what kind of diaper you're using.  There are some links on the cheat sheet though for some useful websites.

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  • While I was pregnant, I heard about a friend of a friend who was going to use cloth diapers. My first thought was GROSS! Why would anyone want to do that?! Then I started thinking about... I was intrigued. I started doing some research, and after I learned so much about them- I was hooked, and there was no going back! I went back and forth a couple times, but when I seriously considered using disposables after my new gained knowledge, I then thought disposables were GROSS! 

    Using cloth diapers seems daunting at first, but honestly once you get the hang of it, you won't even think twice! People ask "How are the cloth diapers going?", and I don't even know what to say because I am so used to using them. It would be like asking someone who uses disposables, "How are the disposable diapers going?"  

    If you can find a place where you can see the diapers in person, or talk to someone who uses them- that is a great start. Check out They have tons of information on the benefits of CDs. This board is an awesome help too!

    Good Luck! 

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  • Welcome!

    I am a FTM and started using cloth with DD as soon as we got home from the hospital. It was the least overwhelming aspect of having a new baby.

    Cloth involves an additional 2-3 loads of laundry per week. A newborn in disposables probably involves at least an additional 2 loads of laundry per week because of poop-splosions. With cloth there is a modicum of control over what gets poop on it - much better a diaper than a stroller, carseat or bedding! And the cost savings are pretty unbelievable.

    Anyway, as PPs mentioned the FAQ here and Cloth Diapering 101 on YouTube are great. Also, lurk here and ask questions. Good luck with whatever you decide.




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  • there are consultants on most of the time for live chat. They have a great selection and can answer most if not all of your questions! Also, the newborn rental has a cash back option, which most stores don't.

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  • Thank you everyone!  After starting to look at some of these links and the information on (because it was the only brand I had heard of), I'm starting to think the research is what was overwhelming.  There are just SO many options!!  I'm glad I'm starting my research early!

    Thanks again!!


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