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So I went to change DD's diaper today and noticed that her crotch was a little red in her skin folds... specifically the ones right where her thigh meets her vagina.

I got a wipe to wipe it off and it started bleeding a little on both sides! Yikes!! I called in to my pediatrician and talked to a nurse that I don't know at all. She basically said it was because DD is in cloth, and it wouldn't be a problem if she was in sposies because she would breathe better. Ugh.

I obviously know this isn't true, but I was wondering what I should put on it. We normally just use CJ Butter once in a while, and we don't have any problems. Do you think this would work or should I try something else? 



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Re: Chafing/Bleeding??

  • Try coconut oil. Make sure she is REALLY dry before putting on oil/cream/new diaper. 
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  • My friends daughter had the worst rash I've ever seen [and I used to work in daycare...] when she was about 6 months old.  She is in disposables.  Anyway, the rash was really raw and was there for like....2 weeks!  What they did with it was every time she would eat, they would lay her on her back for a while with the diaper opened, after being cleaned.  It let the rash air out and dry up.  When DS gets rashes that are bad, I sometimes let him go freestyle after I know he's peed.  Poor girl, good luck!
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  • DD had something similar when she was about 8 weeks old. No bleeding, but definitely raw, flaking skin in the folds up by her hips. I used Grandma El's because it's what I had and it cleared up. So, I think trying CJs on it would be fine. Make sure to pat dry in the folds at every change.

    How annoying about the nurse. Why are people so *weird* about cloth? (Rhetorical question only).

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  • Nurse probably assumed plastic pants...Huh?


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  • Ditto what pp's said - make sure she's dry (in/under all the folds too) before you put on a new diaper. And coconut oil is great to use on the skin.




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