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Cloth Diapering

if these guys can CD, anyone can!

Last night, while my husband and I went out for our anniversary dinner, two childless 20-something dude friends came over to watch our twins. I set out some extra-stuffed pocket diapers for overnight before we left, and since the girls were in bed when we got back, didn't even get to check to see if they got them on right. Well, they woke up 10 hours later, leak-free. If those guys can change cloth diapers with no problem and no special training, surely babysitters and husbands have no excuse!


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What it's like to cloth diaper twins, Part I.

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Re: if these guys can CD, anyone can!

  • I swear it's 90% mental block.  My husband had never changed a diaper before C arrived, so to him it's the only way of diapering.  But my mom, who CDd my little brother for a few months and then switched to sposies, refuses to use our CDs if there are any sposies in the house.  She says she finds them (pre-stuffed pockets!) "confusing."

    Your guy friends probably just figured diapers are diapers.  :) 

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  • My husband is awesome and did all the disposable diapering for the first week we were home and still does a lot of the diapering - we switch to cloth and he can't figure out the front, and keeps asking me if it's a pocket or an AIO ... oh well at least he's trying (repeat the mantra and breathe)
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  • Agreed. DH started out only using pockets (or "daddy diapers" as he calls them) because he found the prefolds too confusing. Now after less than 2 months of CDing he uses the prefolds as much as I do AND washes them (which he swore he'd never do).
    One of my friends who only ever used sposies on her daughter babysat DD for us and now that she is expecting again wants to use CDs on her next LO because she liked it so much just that once at our place. Even my parents and ILs have come around so it's really not that hard to catch on, especially if it's all you've ever done as far as diapering like PP said.

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  • That's pretty darn awesome.  And I love your siggy pic.
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