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oral polio vaccine?

Has anyones LO had the oral polio vax? Any reactions? Thanks!
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Re: oral polio vaccine?

  • DS had one oral vaccine so far but I don't remember which one was oral.  It may have been the polio one.  He didn't have any reaction though.
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  • Are you sure it's polio?  DD had one oral vaccine, but it was rotavirus (which she did fine with).  Polio was the traditional IM injection. 
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  • DS's only oral vaccine was rotavirus, like a PP.  Polio was mixed with dTaP and Hib.
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  • Avas only oral will be the rotavirus one. We go next week to get her shots. Hopefully she reacts well to all of them. Her dr gave me info on all.the shots though and told me which ones she will get etc.
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    not preferred.

    oral is not inactivated. I doubt many pedis would give you the oral. get it in the shot 

    Yes I believe the oral vax is what they used to do before the injection one was invented. I didn't think they even made it anymore. 

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  • I would definitely ask your doctor more questions about this because the rotavirus vaccine is currently the only oral vaccine in the vaccine schedule in the US...theres two brands: RotaTeq and Rotarix.  The old polio vaccine was given as a live-virus oral vaccine but this was taken off the markets in the US in the early 2000's b/c it was causing some children to become paralized! I dont understand how someone living in the US is still being offered it.
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