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How to put RaR on with no plumbers butt...

I wanted to share this blog post with everyone since the common thought on RaR is that your little one will outgrow them really early!  I was starting to feel the same way, can't wait to try these fit tips!

Re: How to put RaR on with no plumbers butt...

  • Thanks!  Just bookmarked this for future reference.
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    Very helpful! Thanks for sharing Smile
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  • This only works for a little while, and then it stops working again. The problem is that the inserts don't move so you end up with leaks. Then your baby grows and gets plumbers crack again.

    Honestly, after a certain weight, its just easier to get diapers that fit without a pinch, wiggle, and stretch. 

  • I shyed away from RaR for a long time because my son has always been at the top of the charts for height and I figured there was no way they would work till potty learning.  I finally bit the bullet with a "have to have" print a few months ago.  Fits him great with room to grow.  Now I'm bummed I waited so long because it's one of my favorites.  Sometimes I think it totally depends on the baby.
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